Submitting Open Banking Data

Guide to submitting open banking data in Inscribe

Inscribe supports both document data and open banking data. All of these data sources are leveraged to gain valuable insights into the creditworthiness of a customer.



  • Retrieve your API key as detailed here .
  • Create a Customer that the open banking data refers to.
  • Retrieve the Customer UUID to incorporate into your request.

 What is Open Banking Data?

Open banking data is financial information that is safely shared between financial institutions and authorized third-party providers through the use of APIs. The financial data that can be shared through open banking includes account information, historical transactions, and balances. Third parties can access this consumer data with their express permission.

Every time open banking data is uploaded to Inscribe, a single Open Banking object is created (regardless of the number of accounts or transactions within that upload).

Supported Open Banking Data

  • Inscribe Financial Data
    • Our own financial data format that is tailored to our systems.
  • Plaid
    • A format based on the format of Plaid Asset Reports
  • MX data
    • A format based on various MX financial data endpoint responses.

We continually add new open banking provider formats in response to our customers' evolving needs

 Submitting Open Banking Data

An Open Banking object is created when either:

  • Inscribe Financial Data (in JSON format) is uploaded to the /open_banking_data/inscribe_financial_data endpoint.
  • A Plaid Asset Report (in JSON format) is uploaded to the /open_banking_data/plaid_asset_report endpoint.
  • MX aggregated data (in JSON format) is uploaded to the /open_banking_data/mx_aggregated_data endpoint.

The Inscribe customer ID must be included as a parameter in the URL. You will have received this customer ID upon creation of the customer.

Once the data is submitted, credit analysis processing begins immediately. This processing will extract all the account, transaction and customer information from the open banking data and use it to generate the credit analysis insights, which will be ready for ingesting as soon as a success response is returned from this request.

Open banking data can be submitted via the /open_banking_data/{data_format} endpoint. The example below shows how you can read applicant financial data from a file and POST it to the Inscribe API:

import os
import requests
API_KEY = "Inscribe ..." # get an API key in the app: Settings > API Keys
FILE_PATH_TO_JSON_DATA = "</financial_data.json>" # replace with the path to a file with the financial data that you want to POST to the API

headers = {
    "Authorization": API_KEY,
    "accept": "application/json",
    "content-type": "application/json"
customer_id = "<CUSTOMER_ID>"  # replace with customer uuid
url = f"{customer_id}/open_banking_data/inscribe_financial_data"

with open("FILE_PATH_TO_JSON_DATA", "r") as open_banking_data:
    data =
    response = requests.request(