Submitting a Document

Guide to submitting a document in Inscribe

A document object is a core component of Inscribe’s product. A document is a PDF or image that can be uploaded and associated with a customer object. When documents are uploaded, they are automatically analyzed by Inscribe's fraud detection and credit analysis systems.



  • Retrieve your API key as detailed here .
  • Create a Customer to associate the open banking with.
  • Retrieve the Customer ID to incorporate into your request

Supported Documents

Inscribe fraud detection has coverage over all document types and languages. Credit Analysis, however, is only available on a subset of documents. For more information, see our FAQs.

Submitting a Document

A document object is created when a document is uploaded to the /documents endpoint. The customer ID must be included as a parameter in the URL. You will have received this Customer ID upon creation of the customer object.


When uploading a document, there is an option to assign an associated tag. Tags are string values chosen by the user and can be used to group documents together across customers.


Inscribe can run verification checks against a document. Verification checks can be added in the document upload request. The supported document verification requests are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • ID Number
  • Company

Inscribe also supports the customisation of verification checks. Customized verification checks must be included under the strings field, as seen in the verify_entities variable in the snippet below.

import os  
import json  
import requests
customer_id = "CUSTOMER_ID"

url = f"<{customer_id}/documents>"

headers = {  
    "Authorization": "Inscribe ..."  

verify_entities = [{  
    "name": "Jane Customer",  
    "address": "1000 Walnut Kansas City MO",  
    "company": "Smith & Sons",  
    "id_number": "58329574",  
    "strings": [{"key": "phone", "input": "353-8661-016"}]  

tags = [{"text": "submitting_a_document"}, {"text": "january"}]

with open("DOCUMENT_FILE_PATH", "rb+") as document:  
    filename = os.path.basename(  
    files = {  
        "verify_entities": (  
            None, json.dumps(verify_entities), 'application/json'  
        "tags": (None, json.dumps(tags), 'application/json'),  
        "file": (filename, document, "application/octet-stream")  
    response = requests.request("POST", url, files=files, headers=headers)  

Submitting Multiple Documents

Multiple documents can be uploaded for each customer, across multiple combine multiple document types (i.e. both bank statements and payslips can be submitted for a single customer).