How can I use Tags?

You might also be asking "How can I filter or segment my documents in Inscribe?"

Tags are a great tool for filtering Documents that you upload to Inscribe. Tags can be added to a Document when you upload via API, or added afterwards from Inscribe's web application or in an API call to update the document.

Example Use Cases for Tags

  • Your operations team wants to easily filter based on the workflow associated with a given document. Let's assume your organization has two teams that use Inscribe to review documents: an onboarding team and an audit/investigations team. You could easily apply a tag called onboarding and another called audit to the respective documents.
  • Your finance team needs to bill your customers based on the documents you're reviewed for them using Inscribe. Let's assume your business screens apartment applicants for a large number of properties. You give them more information about the applications flowing in, and run applicant documents through Inscribe. You could tag each document with your customer's name, so that you could easily pull the total number of documents processed for that customer each month.