Inscribe authenticates your API requests using secret tokens which can be created by administrators. Inscribe's API requires a valid secret token to be included in the header of all requests.

# Each cURL request requires the header to contain the authorization key as below.
  -H "Authorization: Inscribe <secret_token>"

You can generate your first secret token using the 'Create API Key' button in Settings -> API Keys. This will then show you your secret token, please save this somewhere safe as you won't be able to see it again. You can create as many secret tokens as you need. All of your created API keys are viewable on the Settings -> API Keys page but you won't be able to reveal the values of these secret tokens.


Deprecated Format

Prior to September 2021, API Keys generated by our API would have been given to you differently. We returned an access key, and a secret key and we required you to base-64 encode these as follows: <access_key>:<secret_key> to create your secret token. We now return just your secret token which is already base-64 encoded. Previously generated API keys will continue to work when you base64 encode them yourself.