Creating a Customer

Guide to creating a customer in Inscribe

Customer objects are folders which can be used to store documents. Customers objects should be created for each entity to be evaluated.



  • Retrieve your API key as detailed here .

Creating a Customer

A customer object can be created as follows:

import requests  
URL = "<>"  
API_KEY = "Inscribe ..."  
headers = {  
    "Authorization": API_KEY  

payload = {  
    "name": "Frank Abagnale",  

response = requests.request(  
customer = response.json()

More information about creating a customer can be find in the API Reference Guide.

Creating Customer Verifications

Inscribe has a verification feature to check the expected attributes of customers. More information about customer verifications can be found in our Use Case Guides.

Next Steps

Once a customer has been created, the following will likely be required: