Summary Statistics


Important Note

Credit Analysis must be enabled by Inscribe for your account before results are available. You can contact Inscribe via Intercom or by emailing [email protected] to inquire about enabling the service.

Credit Analysis Summary Statistics give in-depth information about income and creditworthiness. These insights can be returned either at a customer level (using data found across all of the customer's bank accounts), or at a bank account level (using data found in that bank account alone). They provide insightful, concise, and up-to-date datapoints which bolster decisioning in credit-risk underwriting.

Retrieving Credit Analysis Summary Statistics

The quickest way to get Inscribe's Credit Analysis Summary Statistics is to upload a bank statement(s), either via the Inscribe app or the /documents API endpoint. You can get started with the Inscribe API here.

Once the documents are uploaded, the aggregated customer level summary statistics can be accessed via the /customers/{customer_id}/credit_analysis endpoint and the bank account level summary statistics can be accessed via the /customers/{customer_id}/bank_accounts/{bank_account_id}/credit_analysis endpoint.

A sample credit analysis summary statistics response is shown below:

"summary_statistics": {
    "credits_count": 3,
    "credits_total_gross": 200,
    "debits_count": 10,
    "debits_total_gross": 300,
    "revenue_annual_gross": 1200,
    "revenue_period_gross": 100,
    "salary_annual_gross": 1200,
    "salary_annual_net": 960,
    "salary_period_gross": 100,
    "salary_period_net": 80,
    "total_net": -100,
    "transfers_count": 6,
    "transfers_credits_total_gross": 100,
    "transfers_debits_total_gross": 200,
    "unique_days_count": 31

Speed and Accuracy

The credit analysis summary statistics are ready to query as soon as all of the submitted documents have been processed. An average document takes ~15 seconds to process, with multiple documents processed synchronously. Response times for the above /credit_analysis endpoints are <1 second.

With regard to the accuracy of the returned summary statistics, most of the variability in performance comes from errors when parsing transactions on the bank accounts. These errors are more prevalent when the bank account is a low-quality image or is laid out in an unusual format. We report the credit analysis accuracy to you via a returned confidence score which is bounded between 0 and 100 (0 being that there is likely a mistake in the analysis, 100 being that the analysis is likely perfect).


How should these summary statistics affect my credit-risk underwriting process?

  • Credit Analysis Summary Statistics are powerful datapoints which supplement your existing information about an applicant. Some of the big advantages of these summary statistics is that can give an extremely up-to-date picture on an applicant's creditworthiness, and that they are generated extremely quickly.

Can I input open banking data as well as document data to create these credit analysis summary statistics?

  • While this currently is not supported, we are aiming to add this functionality very soon.

What is the difference between the salary and revenue statistics?

  • The salary statistic relates to income received in a personal bank account, while revenue corresponds to income received in a business bank account.

What happens to a customer's summary statistics when I upload another document (or delete a document)?

  • As new documents are added/deleted, the summary statistics are updated to reflect the new set of information.

How is are the gross and net salary figures calculated?

  • Where possible, the gross and net salary figures are calculated from an uploaded payslip. Else, they will be inferred from uploaded bank statements.

Can I suggest new summary statistics to be added to the response?

  • Absolutely. Please reach out via [email protected] or use the Intercom messenger in the Inscribe app.